Ky. governor talks all things coronavirus; medical to mental to money


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – There are many questions surrounding coronavirus in Kentucky. ABC 36’s Veronica Jean Seltzer and Monica Harkins sit down with Governor Andy Beshear one-on-one to talk about the virus.

Beshear said it’s time to put everything aside and come together, if not for yourself, for the sake of others.

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“We’re proving who we are as an American people,” he said. “We all have a patriotic duty in how we address this coronavirus and that’s about following the guidelines.”

Guidelines that are unlike anything most peopgmle have ever lived through: no school, no bars, no dining out. Next to be added on Wednesday, no hair salons or going to businesses that provide entertainment, like the movies.

“We need you to be a good citizen to don’t frustrate the efforts of those who are sacrificing so much those that are losing their jobs, our kids that are out of school,” Beshear said. “We are all sacrificing as a state, and as a country, so we need everybody on board.”

From a national perspective, the president and analysts have acknowledged the country’s precautions will lead to a recession.

In Kentucky, Beshear said his first priority is the health crisis.

“We will come out of this we will rebuild hopefully the federal government will be a very big partner in doing that,” he said. “So everybody know, we’re just taking the steps that we have to.”

The state has also boosted resources for its unemployment website and created a hotline to help anyone filling for unemployment.

Beshear has said several times over the course of the coronavirus outbreak, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed or anxious, but it’s important to manage it and unplug when necessary.

“Turn it off, go for a walk, be with your kids, make sure you’re practicing the good mental health that you need to,” he said.

For resources regarding you mental health the state also has posted those resources on its COVID-19 website.

“Everybody out there that’s anxious, and it’s all of us, we’re going to make it. We’re going to come out on the other side,” Beshear said.