16 from Kentucky on Grand Princess

Graphic courtesy: MGN Online

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Gov. Andy Beshear announced during a noon press conference Thursday that 16 Kentuckians were on the Grand Princess cruise ship and that all 16 have tested negative for the coronavirus.

The National Guard will help return them to Kentucky from California where the cruise ship docked Wednesday. Once in Kentucky, they will self isolate, Beshear said.

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He continued to stress calm among residents.

“We will get through this. I know we can. We have taken aggressive steps so we don’t see a spike in cases,” he stated.

“Kentuckians, we are going to get through this, we’re going to be OK. It will be a significant disruption in our lives for a couple of months but we will get through,” he said.

The governor did not announce any addition to the eight known cases of the disease in the state.

He said the state has changed a number of practices in the state Capitol, but he is not at the point where it needs to be closed to “all but essential personnel.” The state is limiting gatherings in the building.

During conversations with school superintendents Wednesday, a number of school leaders asked about additional costs they are incurring. It’s something everyone will have to deal with.

“We understand the concern.We all are incurring costs. We, as a state, will work with the Legislature and the districts to do what we can,” Beshear responded.

A bill making its way through the Legislature would exempt school districts from having to make up 10 additional days should they have to close because of the pandemic.