Battle of the Axes benefits family of fallen Georgetown firefighter

Johnnie Jacobs

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Battle of the Axes was a fierce basketball game, but for a good cause. It helped to raise money for the family of fallen Georgetown firefighter, Johnnie Jacobs.

The crowd was split between Scott County and Georgetown Fire Departments.

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As the game heated up, both teams were firing three-point shots and hustling down the court to claim victory.

But it was all in good fun. The competition was to support the widow and three young children of Johnnie Jacobs, a Georgetown firefighter who died from lung disease from chemicals he inhaled in the line of duty.

Those who knew Jacobs say he was a community hero and mentor.

“Johnnie was an amazing man,” Georgetown Fire Inspector Matthew Marshall says. “He was an amazing teacher, leader. I worked with him for almost thirteen years. He was my Battalion Chief. He was my mentor.”

This isn’t the first time the community has rallied around to support law enforcement and first responders. Last year, the competition raised nearly $16,000 for a deputy in Scott County.

Anthony Delimpo, a detective with the Lexington Police Department, says the total amount raised during the weekend-long tournament was $30,000.