Two former Louisville corrections officers sentenced for covering up inmate assault


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – Two former officers at the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections have been sentenced for covering up the assault of an inmate, according to court records.

The Department of Justice says 48-year-old David M. Schwartz was sentenced to 24 month in prison and 55-year-old Donna K. Gentry was sentenced to eight months of home confinement. Court records show they both pleaded guilty in October of 2019.

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Additionally, court records show Devan Edwards was also involved in the assault, and he pleaded guilty as well. However, he is scheduled to be sentenced on March 5.

According to documents filed in connection with the guilty pleas, on April 18, 2018, Schwartz, while on duty as a correctional officer, punched a pretrial detainee, not identified in the documents, in the face while he had his hands cuffed behind his back, and while he was pleading with Schwartz and posing no threat. Schwartz then wrote a false and misleading report, in which he intentionally left out the fact that he had used force against the inmate, and wrote a citation charging him with felony third-degree assault, in which he knowingly included false information about the inmate’s conduct.

Court records show on the same date, Gentry, who was then a sergeant, learned that Schwartz and Edwards had assaulted the detainee and that Edwards had accidentally turned on his body camera and recorded part of that assault. Gentry wrote and filed a false report, in which she included false statements and left out details about the excessive force used by Schwartz and Edwards. She then told Edwards to review her report and provide the same false account in his own report, changing the wording so that it would not be obvious that he had copied from her report.