Presidents’ Day at the Mary Todd Lincoln House


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Many Americans are off in honor of Presidents’ Day.

The federal holiday takes place on the third Monday in February.

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Presidents’ Day occurs during the birth month of two of the country’s most prominent presidents: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Throughout the U.S., communities and organizations hold public ceremonies to commemorate the day.

Here in Lexington, the public was invited to a family open house this morning, at the Mary Todd Lincoln House.

The event was free for children and included games and activities but also serves an educational purpose.

Gwen Thompson, the executive director says, “Our nation and Lexington have such a rich cultural heritage and it’s just really wonderful when we can connect to our past and our roots but it also helps us, you know, as we grow older and we learn to think analytically really apply those skills to the present day as well,” She says, “Right now with the little ones we just want them to really have an affinity for and love for history from coming to an event like this so that they can go on to become really great history students and good citizens.”

Thompson says they hope families who make it to the annual event learn more about the lincoln’s and also make fun memories along the way.