Horse shot in Lexington had to be euthanized


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — There is a sad update in the case of a horse that was shot a little over a week ago off of Tates Creek Road in Lexington.

Because of the severity of the injuries, the horse Penny had to be put down

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In 2018 another horse was shot in that same area. No arrests have been made in either case.

The owners of both horses are desperate for answers.

“It’s really important that we find who did this to Penny and the other horse and we will find them. Nobody’s giving up,” says Karina Busch who previously owned Penny.

Penny was found shot in the face at a farm near the Fayette-Jessamine County line.

“She was out with a couple other horses and the other horses would probably run away from people or definitely not approach but she would come running up for attention, unfortunately,” says Dr. Liz Barrett, surgeon at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute.

Equine surgeon Dr. Liz Barrett says the bullet shattered Penny’s jaw.

“It just was so traumatic that infection set in and it was not something we were able to get under control,” says Dr. Barrett.

She wouldn’t have been able to eat on her own.

“The horse always had a positive attitude, wanted to try and eat but wasn’t able to and still wanted to come up to people and it wasn’t until we kind of got to that point where she didn’t have the same attitude and it wasn’t fair to keep going,” says Dr. Barrett.

So the owners made the heart wrenching call to put her down.

“Obviously it was hard to let her go and to give up but it was the right decision for her,” says Busch.

Karina Busch raised Penny from birth. She owned her mother.

Penny would’ve turned four this year.

“I owned her up until about six weeks ago and then she was purchased by some friends of ours in California for their 12-year-old daughter so, ya know this little girl was super excited. It was her dream horse,” says Busch.

Penny was staying in Lexington to get a little more training before heading to California.

“Which is so heartbreaking to think somebody could do that to her. She was one of the nicest babies we’ve ever raised that’s for sure,” says Busch.

There’s a $35,000 reward for information on Penny’s case and the horse shot in 2018.

“There has been some evidence recovered so we’re optimistic that we’re gonna get justice for Penny,” says Busch.

Anyone with information should call Lexington Police.