Mayor Gorton gives State of the City/County Address


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington Mayor, Linda Gorton gave her state of the city/county address on Tuesday.

Last year, she had only been in office a short time before giving this speech. Now, she’s sharing a year’s worth of accomplishments and her vision for 2020.

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Mayor Gorton says Lexington is on the right path.

She says public health is improving explaining how she brought the city’s hospitals together to save a community para medicine program that helps people who often call 911 with non-emergency problems.

She added there’s been a 40% drop in overdose deaths from 2017.

“We have a long way to go, but we have made some progress here over the past year,” said Mayor Linda Gorton.

Mayor Gorton says crime in 2019 was significantly lower than the previous 5 years’ average. She didn’t mention more people were shot and killed in the city last year than ever recorded before.

“Our city is one of the safest cities its size in the country when it comes to violent crimes,” said Mayor Gorton.

Mayor Gorton says Lexington’s new safety net program that has officers talking to people in at risk homes is a good step.

“House by house, law enforcement officers and safety net are taking a simple message into the neighborhoods and homes of those threatened by violence,” said Mayor Gorton.

The jail got attention this year when corrections officers said they were in danger due to overcrowding. Gorton says she’s been recruiting corrections officers and reducing the jail population.

According to the Mayor, overall quality of life is improving with a salt barn, two hotels downtown, and additional playgrounds.

“High quality of life and low cost of living are the reasons many companies and many individuals are attracted to Lexington,” said Mayor Gorton.

Next, comes a new budget to keep the city moving forward.