Human trafficking victim shares her story to bring awareness


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — January is human trafficking awareness month and a Lexington non-profit wants people to know that human trafficking is real and might be happening to someone you know.

We talked to a woman who was sexually abused as a child, sold for sex, became a drug addict, went to jail, and is now making her mess her message to try to help others.

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“I was trafficked. It started at the age of ten,” says Sara.

You’re probably asking yourself how does a ten-year-old girl become victim to human trafficking?

“My parents were trafficking me to people in the community,” says Sara.

Her parents sold her body for money.

“That was extremely difficult,” says Sara.

She says she was also sexually and physically abused as a child. She has lived a life full of trauma.

“Having been sexually abused as a child it led me to the life that I chose to live later on. I was sexually promiscuous,” says Sara.

She also became a drug addict.

“It was a way to escape. I wanted to be numb. I didn’t want to feel anything,” says Sara.

Then she started selling her own body instead of someone else doing it for her.

“The prostitution was completely to support the drug use,” says Sara.

Sara shares her story – a hard one to tell – to show human trafficking is real and that even prostitutes are victims.

“Most of these women they’re not happy to be out there they’re not happy to be doing this, ya know, there’s so much going on underneath the surface and things that are trapping people in this,” says Sara.

The non-profit, Unshackled by Love, provides a safe house for women who have lived that life.

“Human trafficking is the 2nd largest organized crime in the United States,” says Sara.

An alarming statistic that many are shocked to hear.

“One main reason why we need to be aware that it’s happening is because it is modern day slavery today,” says Unshackled by Love founder Jewellan Morrison.

“With more awareness to this we could solve this problem,” says Sara.

The motivation to help these women for Morrison comes from her faith and her deeply personal experience that came at a young age.

“My grandma was actually a prostitute and was murdered and iInever even got to meet her,” says Morrison.

Since starting this work, Morrison has helped more than eighty women.

“I ended up coming here and my entire life has changed,” says Sara.

And now, Sara wants to change other lives by sharing her story of tragedy and triumph.