Sports betting bill moves forward in Kentucky


Lexington, KY. (WTVQ) – A bill that has picked-up bipartisan momentum in Frankfort seeks to legalize sports betting.

It’s already made it out of committee and now heads to the full house. Governor Beshear supports it.

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If passed you could go to the Red Mile or Keeneland and bet on more than horse racing.

The bill would also allow betting on college teams in Kentucky.

The bill that died in the legislature last year, did not.

The bill was introduced by Rep. Adam Koenig, who has been a proponent of sports wagering and chairs the House committee.

There are 22 other co-sponsors of the bill.

Here’s Keeneland’s reaction, “Sports wagering is one of those things that has gone on since sports started from an illegal standpoint, and so there’s really no reason why the state shouldn’t be able to regulate it and recapture some of that revenue,” VP and COO Keeneland Association Vince Gabbert said.

The bill would legalize sports betting in Kentucky, which includes online gambling.

One estimate says the proposal would bring in more than 22-million dollars a year in new taxes.

The Governor wants to expand gambling and use the money to fund public pensions.