No leads in Franklin County teen’s disappearance


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – A seventeen year old girl has been missing for several days and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t have any leads on where she could be.

Captain Daniel Wills believes Haylee Marie Martin went missing sometime overnight Sunday.

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Her father filed the missing persons report.

Wills says the department followed up with her father, her friends, and even posted to Facebook.

State police have searched for her from the sky, but there have been no answers.

Wills says he concerned for her safety and says she could be depressed and suicidal.

“We have no idea where she might be headed, there’s no note, no messages, there’s nothing for us to follow up on. She truly disappeared Sunday night/Monday morning,” said Captain Daniel Wills.

Wills says Martin doesn’t have her cell phone and hasn’t been on social media.

He adds she does have a connection to New York but hasn’t found any leads that she’s there.

If you have information about Haylee Martin, contact the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department at (502) 875-8740.