Mild Start to the Week


We broke a couple of record highs in Lexington over the weekend. That includes Friday with a high temperature of 67 degrees to replace the 2018 record of 65. Saturday broke a record high temperature with 75 degrees, replacing the 2018 record of 66.

TODAY: High temperatures will remain well above the “normal” average of 41. High around 53 degrees. Partly cloudy skies. Calmer winds out of the south 5-10 mph.

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TUESDAY: 40% chance of rain. Rain starting in the morning. Highs even warmer around 63 degrees.

WEDNESDAY: 40% chance of rain. Highs warm around 63 degrees.

THURSDAY: Slightly cooler. High around 48 degrees. Partly sunny skies.

FRIDAY: 50% chance of rain. Partly cloudy skies. High around 54 degrees.

SATURDAY: 70% chance of rain. Cloudy skies. High around 55 degrees.

SUNDAY: Closer to mild seasonal averages. Drying with partly cloudy skies and a high around 37 degrees.