Lexington Jewish community brave rain to remember tradition and tragedy


As the end of the 8-day Jewish holiday Hanukkah comes to and end, Jewish people across the country are somber instead of celebratory.

The New York State Hate Crime Task Force is investigating a stabbing attack at a Hanukkah celebration, the latest in a string of anit-Semitic incidents during the time the holiday is celebrated.

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The Jewish community in Lexington braved rainy weather to gather not only for a Menorah lighting ceremony, but also to stand in solidarity against the anti-Semitic, violent acts against Jewish people worldwide.

Elizabeth Jones says as a mother it’s important for her to teach her kids about the history of their faith saying unfortunately the Jewish community is no stranger to persecution.

“We know that those things as end times come… those persecutions will continue.”

Rabbi Shlomo Litvin says several local officials reached out to him offering comfort.

He says in order for society to move forward, communities must do something different.

“This isn’t something that happened out of the blue. When you have politicians and public figures who are constantly spewing anti-Semitism, this is just a natural occurrence.”