UPDATE: Man confesses to robbing two banks with toy gun


PARIS, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Lexington man admits to robbing two Bourbon County banks with a toy gun and attempting to rob another in Georgetown in the same day, according to Paris Police.

Officers say they were called to Kentucky Bank in Paris around noon on Wednesday for a reported robbery when they say they saw 35-year-old Cheikh Gueye running out the door.

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An officer searching the area says they saw Gueye walk to a house that was under construction and he appeared to be working with the crew.

As the suspect search continued, another call came in about a robbery at Blue Grass Federal Savings & Loan in Paris.

As the officer left to answer that call, he says he noticed Gueye trying to go in the front door of the under-construction home.

Investigators say that’s when one of the construction workers told the officer that Gueye was not a part of the crew.

Police say they then received a call from a food mart that Gueye was hiding in the store.

Detectives say Gueye wouldn’t cooperate leaving the store and reached for his waistband telling officers, “it was just a game.”

Officers say they found a toy gun and $7,881 in Gueye’s backpack, with some of the cash still banded with markings from both banks.

According to officers, security camera video and witnesses show Gueye at both banks giving a note to the tellers demanding money or else he would kill everybody. They say the video shows a bulge in Gueye’s waistband at one bank, and a pointy object in his jacket pocket at the other.

Police say Gueye confessed to both robberies and to an attempted robbery at Commonwealth Credit Union in Georgetown earlier that day.

Investigators say Gueye told them he committed the crimes because he wanted to be shot because he hates himself.