Voters enthusiastic despite predicted low turnout

Many voters say they're excited to perform their right, despite predicted low turnout.


Lexington, KY– Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes predicted just 31% of registered voters to turn out for the the 2019 election. Despite those meek numbers, many voters we spoke with were excited to be at the polls.

Eric Marr voted at Frederick Douglas High School, he says he’s happy to do his part.

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“If you don’t get involved you’re letting everybody else run the show, so I try to get involved and do my part and have my say at least try to get things going in the direction, the best I can do, the way I think they should go. I think voting is one of most important things and people don’t do enough really.”

Among some of the biggest races many voters have their eyes on is the race for Governor. Current Republican Governor Matt Bevin and current Attorney General Andy Beshear are fighting for that seat, as well as Libertarian John Hicks.