Family dresses up as the “Monster Mash” crew for Halloween


WINCHESTER, Ky. (WTVQ) – A central Kentucky family has been preparing for Halloween for two months.

Every year, grandparents down to the grand kids pick a theme for the family to showcase on the holiday.

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The Jennings have been celebrating Halloween for generations.

“My grandparents from both generations always had big pots of chill and we always had a big event around Halloween,” said Sara Charles.

When her grandparents passed, her entire family wanted to keep a tradition going.

The Jennings have picked a different them to dress up as for the past seven years.

There’s ten people in their family and they all get together, pitch their ideas, and vote on a theme.

This year, they dressed up as the monster mash crew.

Before Halloween, everyone gets in their costume, takes photos, and eats lots of chili like their grandparents did years ago.

On Halloween, they are together again for trick or treating.

The family says they hope to continue this tradition for generations to come.