Kids aren’t the only ones getting into the Halloween spirit


LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. (WTVQ) – Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore, grown-ups are as much a part of the holiday as the children, dressing up and having fun.

According to Dena Sutherland, the event for adults is meant for them to get dressed up in costumes, enjoy some beverages and entertainment, support their local shops and visit their haunted house, basically just have a good time getting into the Halloween spirit.

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Sutherland is the owner of Chick A Dee’s and is a huge reason the community puts on this adult trick or treating event.

She and her husband Scott say they enjoy seeing all of the costumes that come through their shop.

“The cat lady is awesome, I just love that. That’s my favorite so far. we’ve seen everything, Dena said.

“Oh yeah Winnie the Pooh has been in here, Penny the Clown from IT and there’s no shortage of witches in downtown Lawrenceburg,” Scott said.

Witches, devils and even angels made their way down South Main Street.

Some parents who have older kids say they miss celebrating Halloween, while the parents with younger children say this is the perfect event to get out of the house without the kids.

Misti Lee attended the event with friends, “October 6th of last year was the last time I went out without my kids.”

While the parents enjoy their early Halloween the children are resting up in preparation for buckets full of candy next week.