Victims of domestic violence share stories at vigil


LEXINGTON, Ky. WTVQ) – The Third Annual Domestic Violence Vigil took place in front of the Fayette District Courthouse and some of the victims of domestic violence chose to speak out and end the silence.

The Fayette County Sheriff hosts this event in hopes to do just that, end the silence.

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month but domestic violence takes place all year round, that’s why Fayette County wants to do its part in helping victims.

Lexington is now working with Lyft to provide rideshare credits to victims of violence or other crimes.

“We believe that if we work hard enough, we can end domestic violence in Lexington Kentucky but it takes all of us and it takes people sharing their stories, it takes others encouraging those to share their stories,” Witt said.

Sheriff Kathy Witt said this year’s event is particularly hard, it’s the first year without Diana Ross in attendance.

Ross was a catalyst for change in Kentucky’s approach to domestic violence, a Lexington mother who was well known for her passion for speaking out about her daughter Amanda, a victim of domestic abuse.

Sheriff Witt said Diana and Amanda now live on through Amanda’s sister, Carrie Ross.

“It’s been ten years since I lost my sister Amanda to domestic violence. She was murdered on September the 11th, 2009,” Ross said.

She said she hopes to continue to increase awareness of domestic violence for her sister… as well as for herself.

Carrie shared her story of abuse with those who attended the event and encourages others to share theirs.

“Speak up and stand up and ya know, it all starts with you,” Ross said.

She said she hopes events like this one helps create a no-tolerance policy against domestic violence.