2010 murder case back in Madison Co. court


MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) — A 2010 murder case is back in court in Madison County.

Four years after first facing charges in the murder of a Richmond couple, 36-year-old Ja’kolbie Chenault gave his first plea in court Thursday.

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Chenault says he’s not guilty for his role in the 2010 murders of Charles Walker and Sonsaray Warford.

The couple went missing in 2010. In 2012 police found their buried bodies.

Years ago, three other men who played a role in the murders entered guilty pleas.

It was reported then Chenault, a drug dealer, wanted Walker dead for stealing money from him.

Warford was killed just because she happened to be with him.

Chenault is just showing up in court for this now because he’s been serving a long sentence out of state for helping lead a cocaine trafficking ring.

“I kinda think that our case it just lingered on because they just felt like he wasn’t going nowhere. We’re grateful today though that we’re at this point,” says Delisha Walker, Charles’ cousin.

Delisha and Sonsoray’s father were among the dozens in court.

They both take comfort knowing Chenault is back in Richmond.

“Now we know that he’s here and hopefully he’s gonna stay here until this is over with,” says Gregory Todd, Warford’s father.

“I am very grateful for that because now that means now you’re here and we’re gonna move forward,” says Walker.

Thursday was their first time seeing him in years.

“But to see him now and what’s done and to see the smile on his face just went through me. It was just hard to really look at him but I wanted him to know we was there,” says Todd.

“Just to see the smirk, there was no remorse to me at all,” says Walker.

They say they want maximum time for Chenault.

“We want the most that can be done and what needs to be done. The other families get to see their son, friend or whatever but ours is gone. They’re in a better place but we still want justice for them,” says Todd.

Chenault will be back in court December 12th at 1:30 p.m. for a pretrial conference.