Lexington rolls out new paper recycling pilot project

Trash, Recycle

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington starts a new pilot project this week to try a new way to recycle paper.

This after the city suspended paper recycling in May because the Recycle Center didn’t have a reliable outlet for the paper it sorted.

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Mayor Linda Gorton said in a release, “the new pilot project is part of the ongoing effort to find a viable solution.”

According to recycling experts the issue is recycled paper getting dirty from other trash along the way.

This week at City Hall employees will be asked to recycle paper into separate bins marked for paper recycling only to try and prevent it from getting soiled.

The city said this will test the market for clean paper.

In the meantime, the city continues to recommend reduced paper usage.

For tips on paper reduction Lexington has more information here.