Tates Creek High School continues to monitor air quality

School Hallway

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – In August, the school board approved the plans for a brand new Tates Creek High School building to address the ongoing issues with the existing facility.

Fayette County Public Schools Spokesperson Lisa Deffendall said in the meantime, the school continually monitors the indoor air quality at Tates Creek High School so they can stay ahead of any issues that need to be addressed.

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In late August, Deffendall said monitoring revealed that there were elevated carbon dioxide levels in some areas of the building.

She said the week before Labor Day, the maintenance department determined that the air make up units, which help regulate levels of carbon dioxide, were down in one area of the building.

Repairs to three of the air handlers were completed before Labor Day, and they did see a reduction in carbon dioxide levels in some areas of the building, Deffendall said.

She said there are six air makeup units in that part of the building and issues have continued.

At one point all six were down, Deffendall said, but at this time, three units are not working and due to the age of the HVAC system, the manufacturer no longer makes parts for the system but we were able to order them from a distributor.

They were supposed arrive two weeks ago but instead arrived today.

Deffendall said the school has begun the installation process and anticipate having those air handling units back online tomorrow.

Deffendall said the school will continue to monitor the air quality levels in the building and look for a solution that will ensure the safety of students and staff while the new school is under construction.

Tates Creek High School Principal Marty Mills said,” We have worked closely with district officials and faculty members to find an immediate solution to the carbon dioxide issue, while we excitedly anticipate a long-term solution with our new building. The allegation that “administrators at Tates Creek are telling parents they do not know how to fix the issue while having teachers and students still in the classroom,” is false. No one on my administrative team has spoken with any parent about carbon dioxide concerns. We have been diligent about seeking solutions and making accommodations for students and staff in the affected areas, including portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, fans, and class relocation.”