Cities blaming heat, lack of rain on bad-smelling and tasting water

Water Faucet

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- Several Central Kentucky cities report their tap water smells and tastes odd right now because of high temperatures and lack of rain.

The Frankfort Plant Board says it is aware of issues with its water, however, the water is safe to drink.

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“Below normal rainfall has resulted in low flow conditions in the Kentucky River. The lower flows, along with the warmer temperatures, have created the perfect storm of conditions that lead to taste and odor compounds that can be described as musty, earthy or dirty. These conditions are occurring statewide. There is no public health or safety issue associated with the occurrence of these compounds in drinking water,” the Plant Board says.

It also says it is in touch with the state’s Division of Water, the Kentucky River Authority and other agencies.

According to the Plant Board, the solution is rain.

It says it is flushing its system, though, and recommends you also flush your taps and empty your ice machines periodically.

It also suggests using a carbon filter to remove the taste and odor.

The Georgetown Water and Municipal Service says it busy a lot of water from the Frankfort Plant Board and has been buying more recently because Royal Spring has low flow and stagnant water.

The Service says the problems will continue until more rain falls, but the water is safe to drink.