Reaction from University of Kentucky students after Democratic Debate


LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ) – Many of the issues discussed in Thursday night’s debate had a particular impact on young people.

“I think it’s really important that people stay informed,” said UK student Maddie Davidson.

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She said she watched the debate for comments on education.

“I think education is the key to poverty, it’s the key to better healthcare, just so many benefits from a proper education starting at a young age,” Davidson said.

She said most people focus on college but she believes there needs to be more focus on younger students as well.

Davidson said Elizabeth Warren seems to know best about this topic because of her background in teaching.

Sophomore Aidan O’Brien said he’s interested in a few candidates and is hoping this debate will help him decide who to vote for.

“Climate change, that’s my top voting priority and the Filibuster. I think it’s a tool of obstruction that’s being used and I’d like to see what each candidate thinks about eliminating the filibuster before I decide who I’m fully committed to,” O’Brien said.

Eliminating a Filibuster in Congress would allow members to more easily pass controversial legislation.

Although some of the top candidates have quite an age gap from these students, O’Brien says he doesn’t care as much about age as he does policy.

He said as long as they are putting forward policies that help everyone across the country he’ll support them.

Edith Koutone is passionate about healthcare and the discussion on racism.

She said it seems the candidates didn’t cover all of the important information throughout this debate.

“The healthcare idea, I think like it shouldn’t be just all or none. Like I think it should be like people should be able to choose and some other candidates brought that out and I was like uh well maybe Elizabeth ain’t the one,” Koutone said.

But it’s still a big field and these students are waiting to learn more through the next months and in the next debate.