City of Lexington could start paper recycling again soon


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The city of Lexington took another step toward reestablishing paper recycling on Thursday.

It says it posted a request for proposals to businesses that may want to provide the service.

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The city says it has taken some time to put the proposal together because it found that traditional recycling options are no longer available. Resource Recycling Systems, consultants who have been working with the city since June, put the proposal together, which includes with other types of recycling.

The city expects to begin its recycling program again in late fall.

Paper recycling was suspended in May because there was no market for recycled paper. The city says it couldn’t even give the paper away and had no room to store it.

The city says it has already invested in equipment to improve its aluminum sorting machine and is considering buying equipment to improve glass recycling.