UK fans celebrating the first win of the season


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – After the UK Football game on Saturday, the crowd made their way back out to the parking lot to celebrate the win.

Griffin Kaylor said overall it was a good day for the team, “First half was a little sloppy like I wasn’t having that much fun in the first half. Second half they picked it up and it was a lot of fun.”

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There were tailgating tents lined up all around the parking lot with people enjoying food, drinks, and some shade.

Former UK student Lexie Dawson said the heat did take a toll on some people at the event, “It is a hot one today but we are having some fun out here at the KET lot. The game was great. We had to go in the third quarter because it was a little bit sweltering.”

Not only are people celebrating with tailgating but couch burning is a tradition.

“We, you know, love to burn a good couch here in Lexington. I haven’t lived here in a couple years but I hear it’s quite the phenomena,” Dawson said.

Although we didn’t see any couches burn after the game, fans were on fire for the first win of the season.