New gameday rules at Frederick Douglass High School


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Principal Lester Diaz sent out an email to school parents late Friday afternoon with a list of new security rules, effectively immediately, ahead of that night’s game.

Taylor Smith was at the game during the scare and says it was a horrible experience.

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Her friend Audrey Dollar said these new rules will help her and other students feel safe.

“So that people don’t get hurt or injured and so that like if they do bring backpacks then you would have to check them before they go in,” Dollar said.

The new rules include, students who are not of high school age must be accompanied by an adult, once a person has left the event they will not be allowed back in, and backpacks and outside food will not be allowed in during any athletic event.

The school district said right now these new safety measures are just for Frederick Douglass.

Sue Molokwu thinks every school should implement them.

“Every High School matter of fact and Middle Schools too because things can happen there as well,” Molokwu said.

Another change is an increased police presence during athletic events and the start times of all city games have been moved up.