District investigates student-teacher incident at Danville High


DANVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) — Danville Independent Schools is investigating after an incident between a teacher and student was posted to social media.

In the video, a teacher at Danville High School takes a Hispanic student’s hat while making a comment some feel is racially insensitive.

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The incident happened this past Friday just three days into the school year.

In the video, the teacher says to the student “In America, it’s rude to have a hat on inside the door,” then you hear a gasp, followed by the student saying “Oh forreal?”

The Advocate Messenger identifies the teacher as Joyce Zinner.

The video was posted to Facebook by Ashten Graves.whose little sister is in the same grade at DHS as the student in the video.

She says she posted it is because something needs to be done. She says it is not okay for a teacher to demean a student like this especially in front of other students.

She also says it teaches the students discrimination.

“She’s implying it’s okay to discriminate against people and say whatever you want to people because they’re different from you,” says video poster Ashten Graves.

Within hours of the video being posted Danville High School responded on Facebook, with a message from the superintendent:

“An incident happened at DHS Friday afternoon. The district is aware and a full investigation is under way. Our school district stands for respect and inclusion and will always deal with this type of situations quickly.”

Graves tells me according to her sister, the students held a peaceful protest today where they all wore hats in support of the student in the video.