Family travels over 700 miles to move son into college


RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – On Friday, around 1,800 freshman got their first taste of college life while moving into Eastern Kentucky University.

ABC36 met one family who drove more than 700 miles to drop off their first kid at college.

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Tristan Ansorge is a brand new EKU freshman and has been looking forward to move in day for awhile.

He was anxious because he had to spend 14 hours in the car to get from New York to Kentucky.

His family says the trip was good but there were a couple of rough spots including a big rain storm in Maryland.

The family had two cars traveling to campus and both of the vehicles were packed from top to bottom.

Volunteers at EKU helped new students carry all their belongings to their rooms.

“It was fantastic. People were so nice about it and you know I have a lot of stuff. I definitely over packed but people were very good about it,” said Tristan Ansorge, Freshman.

The EKU housing director says there were over a thousand volunteers helping new students move in.

Classes at EKU begin on August 19.