Family donates a car to a woman living at a homeless shelter


WINCHESTER, Ky. (WTVQ) – Life can work in mysterious ways.

Elisa Pyles’ life hasn’t always been easy.

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She’s dealt with addiction and homelessness but recently things have started to turn around especially after she received a life changing gift from people she didn’t know.

In April, she found the Beacon of Hope Emergency Shelter in Winchester.

She’s been getting meals and has a roof over her head.

Pyles says she’s grateful and that’s why she started volunteering at the shelter while she lives there.

“I just wanted to give back to something that was so freely given to me,” said Elisa Pyles.

About a week ago all of Pyles hard work was recognized.

That’s where Paula Zahn and her family comes in.

The brakes recently went out on the family car and they decided it was time to upgrade.

They didn’t want to trade it in or junk it and instead they wanted to donate it.

Zahn’s daughter suggested the car go to someone at the Beacon of Hope.

“We found a mechanic in Paris who said if you’re going to donate it the Beacon of Hope then we’ll fix it for free,” said Paula Zahn.

Once the car was fixed they dropped it off at the shelter.

They didn’t know who was getting it and Elisa Pyles didn’t know who donated it.

“It was surreal. It felt like a fantasy,” said Pyles.

About a week later they met for the first time and they say it’s a moment they’ll all remember forever.