Franklin Co. Humane Society secures land for new $5 million facility


FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Monday night Frankfort City Commissioners voted in favor of allowing Franklin County Humane Society, FCHS, to lease city owned land for its new $4.9 million facility.

This comes after years of working towards a new shelter because the current situation is in need of serious upgrades and sits on a floodplain, FCHS President Sam Marcus said.

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Carpenter Farm will be the location of the new shelter.

Marcus said it’s the most cost effective option.

Next on the road to a new shelter is raising the money.

The humane society is asking the City of Frankfort and Franklin County to both contribute to the project.

Marcus said it’s only reasonable because the shelter is open admission and has contracts with both the county and the city.

“They bring us animals directly and then we’re obligated to take animals from the citizens of Frankfort and Franklin County, so because of the fact that they fill up our shelter, we feel like it’s only fair to ask for a contribution of funding for the new facility,” he said.

The plan is to receive 25 percent from both and FCHS will make up the remaining half.

“We’re certainly going to do our part,” Marcus said. “I don’t know how many non-profits are willing to put up 2.5 million dollars toward a project.”

He said the goal is to continue negotiation meetings and have a decision from both by October.