Employees honored at KSP Civilian Awards Ceremony

(L-R): Vivian Cal, Steve Grose, Kevin Woosley and Erin True among civilian employees honored at KSP Civilian Awards Ceremony on 7-19-19 for Post 12 in Frankfort.

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Justice Deputy Secretary Jon Grate joined Kentucky State Police Commissioner Rick Sanders in recognizing 14 outstanding civilian employees for their unwavering devotion to the agency. The 2019 KSP Civilian Awards Ceremony celebrating these individuals was held in Lexington on July 19.

Several civilian employees located within the Post 12 area were included in those honors.

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Administrative Specialist III, Erin True received the Records Technical Support Award. A 3.5-year veteran of Kentucky State Police, Erin is located at the Criminal Identification & Records Branch in Frankfort.

Automotive Technician II, Steve Grose received the Supply/Properties Management Award. A 15-year veteran of Kentucky State Police, Steve is located at the Supply Branch in Frankfort.

Data Base Analyst, Vivian Cai received the Information Technology Award. A 3-year veteran of Kentucky State Police, Vivian is located at Communications & Computer Technologies in Frankfort.

Internal Policy Analyst III, Kevin Woosley received the Administrative Services Award and 2019 KSP Civilian of the Year. A 18-year veteran of Kentucky State Police, Kevin is located at Headquarters within the Technical Services Division in Frankfort.

KSP Commissioner Rick Sanders spoke prior to the ceremony thanking the winners for their dedicated service.

“We know that every one of our civilian employees is a Godsend to this agency,” said Sanders. “When the hot calls come in from the public these folks are there to answer the call – whether it be from dispatch, the garage, the crime lab or any of our administrative offices.”

Post 12 Commander Todd Kidd said, “The hard work of these individuals make it possible for our Troopers to do their jobs every day. The awards they received today does not begin to show not only the appreciation of the Kentucky State Police but my gratitude for their dedication to the Commonwealth.”

Note:  KSP Post 12 award winners featured in the photo that accompanies this story are from left-to-right:  Vivian Cai, Steve Grose, Kevin Woosley and Erin True.