Witness says murder suspects hands were covered in blood


WHITLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – An accused killer on the run from police for more than a month was forced to sit and listen to testimony at his court hearing.

Nicholas Rucker is charged with gunning down his girlfriend in a Woodbine home.

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There were two witnesses that took the stand to talk about the shooting and how they believe Rucker was connected.

Roger Witt gave a testimony and he owns the home where the shooting happened.

He says Rucker came out of the bedroom, where Rucker’s girlfriend Vicki Conner was shot, and was holding a gun in the palm of his hand covered in blood.

Witt says Rucker told him Conner shot herself.

Witt explained he called 911 and went into the bedroom where Conner was laying on the ground.

“I had to go down and attempt CPR and I think it was at that point Nick ran, ran out the front door,” said Witt.

A state police detective testified there were five people in the house when Conner was shot.

He says all their stories were consistent saying it was only Rucker and Conner in the bedroom.

After all the testimony, the judge ruled there was enough evidence to send the case on to a grand jury.

“It’s the start of a very lengthy process that will hopefully end with justice for her,” said Ashley Burke, victim’s daughter.

Rucker is scheduled to be in court on August 19 in Whitley County.