‘Extreme Mustang Makeover’ heads to Kentucky Horse Park


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Kentucky Extreme Mustang Makeover heads to the Kentucky Horse Park starting Thursday, June 20. Organizers say the goal is to transform wild mustangs into adoptable horses and then showcase that transformation in a competition.

“The Extreme Mustang Makeover is a 100 day training challenge,” said Lizzy Foster, program director with Extreme Mustang Makeover.

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Foster says some of the best horse trainers across the country will be in town for this competition. She explained trainers were, “randomly assigned a wild mustang back in February that they’ve picked up and they’ve been gentling them since then.”

The Mustang Heritage Foundation is a non-profit that manages the Extreme Mustang Makeover program. Foster says their mission is to “place as many wild horses into private homes as possible.”

Foster says that’s easier to do with a gentle animal than a wild one.

Colton Woods is a horse trainer. This will mark his second time competing in the challenge.

“Horses were something I got into when I was 16,” said Woods.

Woods says time it takes time to get these horses trained. “She wasn’t always quite this tame,” laughed Woods.

Woods was assigned a five year old mare name Reina about 120 days ago.

“I’ve done everything I know to do to prepare this horse for the rest of her life,” said Woods.

Foster says it’s thanks to trainers like Woods that these wild horses have a chance at finding a home, “Ultimately they do get adopted out on Saturday.”

Trainers will compete in classes for cash and prizes. There will also be a Top 10 freestyle competition on Saturday.

The event is free and open to the public on Thursday, June 20 and Friday, June 21. Saturday is free until 4 p.m. After that, it’s $15 for a ticket.

Tickets are available HERE or on site. For more information on the Mustang Heritage Foundation, click HERE.