Heavy rains cause mudslide, traps woman in Powell Co. home for hours


POWELL COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) — Heavy rains came down Sunday into Monday and left the ground saturated in Powell County, causing a big mudslide.

Emergency officials say the mud destroyed a home on N Bend Road and a woman had to be rescued from inside it.

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“She is alive. She is conscious. She is alert and oriented,” says Powell County Emergency Management Director, Steve Asbury.

The 911 call came in around 6 a.m. Monday.

“It was just a passerby that had saw the damage to the home. It was a very extensive mudslide,” says Asbury.

A 90-year-old woman was inside the home at the time.

“She was in the bed asleep and the mudslide came down behind her house. She was under three layers of flooring. You had the first floor and then a brick wall came over her and then you had the second floor on top of it,” says Assistant Fire Chief with Stanton Fire Department, Eddie Barnes.

He says she was in bed on the first floor when the second story of the home collapsed, pushing her up against a car inside the garage. The mud pushed the house off it’s foundation.

“Big guy upstairs was taking care of her that’s what saved her life,” says Barnes.

He talks about how they were able to rescue her.

“We had to cut a hole in the roof and basically went down piece by piece just real manual labor intensity removal,” says Barnes.

Rescuers say it was a dangerous scene, taking four hours to get her out and with rain still coming down, along with more mud.

“The hillside behind the house, basically half the mountain came off behind the house and as workers and rescuers were getting the victim out we had two to three slides during that time,” says Barnes.

Emergency management says the road is closed until authorities can assess whether the area is safe.

With more rain on the way, emergency crews are worried for the possibility of more mudslides.