Shelter at capacity, animals could be euthanized


POWELL COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) — The Powell County Animal Shelter is at full capacity after taking in more cats and dogs over the last week.

The shelter says it’s kitten season, and that’s the reason so many people are abandoning kittens, or turning them in to shelters.

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“We have euthanized in our past I mean that’s just the reality of Kentucky shelters,” says shelter assistant, Teresa Stidham. “There’s not enough homes for all of them.”

The shelter says it’s taken in 23 animals since Friday, 19 of which were cats and kittens. All were abandoned and in terrible condition.

“All the ones that were surrendered over the weekend were dumped near the animal control officer’s truck and they were all very challenged health wise,” says Stidham.

Stidham wants to remind the public abandoning animals is illegal.

“If anybody witnesses anybody discarding animals, abandoning, it is against the law,” says Stidham. “Even if you have a renter and they’ve left their pets behind turn them in report them cause it’s a crime.”

She says they’ve been getting several calls of people wanting to surrender dozens of kittens and puppies at a time.

“We can’t we can’t help them in those large numbers we just don’t have the resources.”

She says this is why it’s so important people spay and neuter their animals, even the strays they’re just feeding.

The shelter needs adoptions, fostering, wet kitten and puppy food, newspapers, and donations.

It says every bit helps.

Placements will help the shelter avoid possible euthanizations in the next week.

“The doors don’t ever shut they keep coming in and we are small so we just don’t have a place to put them,” says Stidham.

For more information on how you can help, click here.