Investigation reveals Morales knew another officer, not suspect, shot him


SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – ABC 36 has obtained the full investigation from Kentucky State Police about the shooting that left Scott County Sheriff’s Deputy Jaime Morales paralyzed.

Morales told investigators in an interview that he was a part of a team assisting a lone U.S. Marshal to arrest 57-year-old Edward Reynolds, a fugitive from Florida. Morales told investigators Reynolds pulled out a gun after deputies broke his car window.

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“At the time he reached in between the seats, or his console, pulled out a weapon, I believe he didn’t have to clip it cause he pulled a clip into it and went to rack it. When he racked it, that’s when we opened fire,” said Morales.

Kentucky State Police says it was another officer that wounded Morales, and Reynolds never fired his pistol.

“We engaged the subject, then I actually moved forward a bit to see if there was any more threat, and that’s when I heard the rounds go off,” Morales told investigators.

It wasn’t a surprise to Morales that he was shot by another law enforcement officer. He told investigators the shot went off after Reynolds was down.

“I knew as soon as I fell to the ground, I was like, ‘somebody shot me and it wasn’t even this guy, some guy from my team just shot me.’ I knew it as soon as I fell to the ground because the guy was already immobilized,” explained Morales.

Morales also says he didn’t bring parts of his body armor.

“They said ‘nah you’ll be alright you won’t need it,’ so I’m like ‘okay.’ So I didn’t wear it,” said Morales.

Kentucky State Police has closed the investigation without determining who shot Morales.