Grandmother accused of involvement in Pike County mass slaying in court

Prosecutors have dropped the charges against a woman accused of lying to a grand jury during an investigation into the fatal shootings of eight people.

WAVERLY, Ohio (WTVQ) – On Tuesday, a grandmother went before an Ohio judge for a pre-trial in connection to the brutal murders of eight people.

Fredericka Wagner, age 76, appeared in a Waverly court-room. She pleaded not guilty to perjury and obstructing justice charges.

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Wagner is accused of lying to the grand jury looking into the murders of the Rhoden family. More than three years ago, seven members of the family were found shot to death at four locations. The fiancee of one of the family members was also killed.

Wagner’s son Billy is charged with the murders. He was arrested in November 2018 in Lexington before being extradicted to Ohio. Wagner says she bought two bullet-proof vests for her son after the murders happened. But prosecutors believe she bought the vests for him to use in the killings.

In March, Wagner asked for charges to be dropped against her.