Police: Richmond man accused of severely injuring infant daughter

Sean Dykes

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Richmond man is facing multiple charges after police say he severely injured his infant daughter.

According to an arrest citation, Sean Dykes, age 24, is charged with criminal abuse and domestic violence. The report states paramedics and officers responded to a home on Keri Anne Court on May 25, for a 3-month-old child with head injuries.

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The report states the girl had approximately 27 bone fractures, retinal hemorrhaging, bruises and possible internal injuries.

Richmond police said Dykes called the baby’s mother and told her the baby was seizing. She told Dykes to call 911.

Lt. Col. Rodney Richardson, the assistant chief of police, says it’s the worst case he’s seen in over 20 years and that it’s a miracle the baby is alive.

Richmond police say they gave Dykes a teddy bear to show them what he did to the infant girl. Richardson says it was terrible.

Dykes told officers he has multiple personality disorder, was dealing with a lot of stress and then went into a rage.

In the arrest citation, it says Dykes was very sorry for abusing her and that he would apologize to her if he could.

Dykes was arrested Thursday and booked in the Madison County Detention Center. He is being held without bond.