Meet the St. Jude dream home winning family


LEXINGTON,Ky. (WTVQ) – Nothing but big smiles as the winning family of the Saint Jude dream home walked through their new house for the very first time.

Steven dowdy’s name was drawn live during an ABC 36 newscast.

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It took a few texts from friends during dinner for him to find out, but even after touring his new house, he says it’s hard to believe this is happening, “really hasn’t set in, this is actually our house.

Like I asked you awhile ago, is this a prank? When are you going to say candid camera, gotcha?? It’s really crazy. It’s just insane when you’ve never son anything before. I’ve never won anything.”

This isn’t his first time donating to St. Jude.

The Rowan County Senior High School teacher says he always tries to donate at least something to the hospital every month and just saw the one hundred dollars as an extra donation.

He says, “it’s really about the kids and that’s all lit was for me, it’s still all about the kids. It’s not about the house. The house is just a way to raise money for the kids and the hospital. We need to give support and there’s not a more worthy cause than St. Jude.”

His family is already in love with the house and the children have already chosen their bedrooms.

The dowdy’s say each room is so special, although they did spend some extra time checking out the elaborate master suite features.

Everyone agrees it’s hard to pick their favorite part of the house.

But they are planning on keeping it, so they have some time to figure it out.