Bevin versus Beshear set for general election


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Republican incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin defeated Robert GoForth after receiving 52% of the vote to GoForth’s 39; winning by nearly 35,000 votes.

Democratic challenger and Attorney General Andy Beshear took 38%, while opponents Rocky Adkins and Adam Edelen took 32 and 28 respectively.

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Beshear is now preparing to battle Gov. Bevin in November’s general election.

According to the Attorney General; he’s optimistic about the showdown.

” Tonight, we not only won this primary, we did something we’re going to do in November, we got more raw votes than Matt Bevin,” said Beshear.

Beshear might have received more votes; but Gov. Bevin is still confident.

Bevin says this race will be a battle of opposites.

” Beshear and Coleman, that’s going to be the ticket,” said Bevin.” And, it’s going to be a remarkably stark contrast between the two tickets, conservative versus liberal, black and white, night and day, that clear.”

The big question is: Could Gov. Bevin’s unpopularity give the Democrats an opening in the general election?

According to UK Associate Professor of Political Science Dr. Stephen Voss, the general election will come down to voters, and their perception on the two campaigns.

” I wouldn’t rule out the opportunities for the Democrats in this coming election,” said Dr. Voss.” What will make the difference is what ultimately the voters see the election as being about.” If it’s about social and cultural issues, if it’s about abortion, if it’s about same sex marriage; this is a red state.” And the Rocky Adkins vote that the Democrats lose election after election, they’re going to struggle to hold on again.

Gov. Bevin’s chances in November may hinge on support from President Trump.

The President tweeted Tuesday morning in support of the governor encouraging all Kentuckians to vote for Bevin.

According to Gov. Bevin, the President will be in Kentucky very soon.

” He will be here,” said Bevin.” He’s made that clear, I look forward to it.” The people of Kentucky look forward to it.” How many times? We’ll see.”