Low turnout expected for primary election


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – There’s voters, and there’s ballots.

In today’s 2019 Kentucky primary election; the percentage for voter turnout has dwindled drastically.

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Lexington native Dillard Nicholson says he’s lived in the Bluegrass for 56 years, and says it’s imperative that people get out and exercise their right to vote.

” I vote for the person who I think will do the best job for Kentucky,” said Nicholson. “Judge, mayor, whatever it may be, it’s everyone’s right, and they should take that right.”

But not everyone is exercising that right.

According to Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, less than 13% of the state’s registered voters are expected to go to the polls today.

Dillard Nicholson says in his five decades of voting; he’s never seen such a low percentage for voter turnout.

” It’s really, really important to get out and pick the best man that you think is going to represent us in November,” said Nicholson.” Someone who will do the best job for us and the state.”

Jack Wollman, a local voter, says the low turnout percentage is a detriment to the primary.

” The part that concerns me is that there’s 90% of people who don’t have a voice, and I think everyone needs to have their voices heard.”

Wollman is one of those voices. He says regardless of the political party; casting a ballot gives you a voice.

” If you want to have a voice, then you need to come out and vote, ” said Wollman.” Because if you have issues that you care about regardless if it’s teacher’s pension, or if it’s healthcare or anything, if you don’t vote people aren’t going to really care what your opinion is.”

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