Family needs help saving Caleb’s home


MT. EDEN, Ky. (WTVQ) – Ten years ago, two parents had their world turned upside down.

The Pack family had just moved into a home with their eight year old son, Caleb.

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In their contract, it said the family would have ten years to pay $50,000.

It seemed reasonable, but shortly after they moved in Caleb got sick with a stomach virus.

Caleb’s parents took him to the hospital and while he was there he coded, went into cardiac arrest, and went into a coma.

Caleb wouldn’t be able to talk, move, or do anything for himself again.

After three months, his parents brought him home and made it fully accessible for him.

Caleb’s father quit his job to take care of him and the family went from two incomes to one.

“We started getting behind and it has just been a struggle, a struggle, a struggle,” said Robin Pack, mother.

The family received a notice they need to pay for the house by the end of the summer and if they can’t they’ll have to leave.

A Go Fund Me page was created by a family friend to help save Caleb’s home.

“This is the last place Caleb got up. This is the last place he sat in this very living room and played,” said Robin Pack.

If you would like to help save Caleb’s home click here.