Father is indicted on two counts in toddler son’s death

Joseph Brock Vaughn Brock

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – The father who state police say ran from the scene after a deadly fire that killed his 1-year-old son, has been indicted by a grand jury according to the Sentinel Echo.

A Laurel County grand Jury indicted 26 year Old Ashely Vaugh Brock on two counts; one count for murder, the other for arson.

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Kentucky State Police say a Laurel County toddler was found in a washing machine after firefighters put out a fire at his home over the weekend.

Kentucky State Police say the child’s father, 26-year-old Vaughn Brock, ran from the scene after the fire broke out inside the home in London Saturday.

He was arrested Wednesday and charged with murder, arson, wanton endangerment and public intoxication.

According to court documents, the fire started in the living room near a couch and that the fire did not appear electrical in nature.

Kentucky State Police detectives say during an interview with Brock, he told them he smoked a joint and fell asleep on the couch with his son, Joseph.

He says he woke up to fire, intense heat and smoke everywhere.

According to court documents, Brock told detectives he couldn’t find his son so he ran from the home.

When asked by detectives if he knew his son was in the washing machine, court documents say Brock told them he was unaware Joseph was in the washing machine and that he had never known the boy to climb into it.

Documents say Brock was asked several times why Joseph would be in the washing machine then a detective asked Brock if the child had been “acting up,” and Brock responded “yes.”

The detective then asked Brock if he wanted to speak to a lawyer and that’s when the interview ended, according to documents.

Kentucky State Police also say Brock had blisters on his ring and middle finger of his right hand, but had no other blisters or injuries on his body. They say Brock claimed he got the blisters trying to open a baby gate during the fire, but detectives say the burns were not consistent with grabbing a hot item.