Jeramey’s Journey: Raising awareness for ALS


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The month of May is ALS awareness month.

According to the ALS Association, about 6,000 people in America are diagnosed a year and there is no cure.

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ALS is a nervous system disease that weakens muscles and affects physical function.

Last year, Jeramey Etherton was diagnosed with ALS.

“The typical life expectancy though on average is 2-5 years from the date of diagnosis,” said Jeramey Etherton.

Since his diagnosis, he’s created a non-profit called ‘Jeramey’s Journey’ and through that he’s trying to raise awareness.

He will embark on a journey with his two older brothers called the ‘Move that Mountain Tour’.

They are traveling to 14 states and making stops to host ALS awareness events.

“He’s trying to get out there and live his life and doing something good while he still can,” said Bill Etherton, Jeramey’s Brother.

Their final destination will be in Alaska because it’s on Jeramey’s bucket list to see the northern lights.

Their trip will begin on June 1st.