Louisville’s Galt House appoints first artist in residence

Source: Galt House Hotel Facebook

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – Louisville’s Galt House has hired its first ever “artist in residence” at the riverside hotel.

The artist Gibbs Rounsavall has been selected to be the first to carry the title. Rounsavall was chosen after a search that began in the fall of 2018 from 29 entries.

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Rounsavall is a Louisville-based geometric abstract painter. He was appointed by a selection committee of 12 members of Louisville’s arts community who reviewed samples of submitted work, did interviews and evaluated how the artists would represent the arts community and the city.

Rounsavall will receive a working studio where his work will be on exhibition and open to the public. In addition, he will receive a monthly stipend and a food and beverage credit in the hotel. Rounsavall will serve in the position until February.

Source: Galt House Hotel