Clark County Animal Shelter gives update on 21 emaciated horses


CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- The Clark County Animal Shelter has given an update on the 21 horses involved in a criminal case in February 2019.

Seven of those horses were surrendered to the shelter. 14 of them remain at the owner’s property. They say five of them have since moved to equine adoption centers and have been placed, or are currently looking for homes.

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The shelter says the other two horses needed intensive care. They say the Dark Bay horse, known as Betty, had partial facial paralysis that has improved with just proper nutrition. The shelter was prepared to lose Betty due to her extreme condition.

The Sorrel horse, known as Trigger, has gained weight and come out of his shell with simple care. The shelter says they were concerned that Trigger would not be able to stand for transport on the day they received him. The shelter now says Trigger is able to run in the pasture.

Notes from the Clark County Animal Shelter:

Note* The difference in color is related to the lack of care and degree of starvation. The hair follicles are damaged when animals are starved because all nutrition goes to keeping vital organs functioning. During re-feeding the horses went through a shedding process to allow healthy hair growth and their true coat color to present once again.

Note* The “after” photo of the Sorrel horse is a mirror image so that the horses were facing the same direction. You may notice the white “sock” on the horse’s rear leg appears to be on a different side in each photo. These were not planned before and after shots just something we noticed and put together when reviewing photos of the animals and their progression.