Mother of an accused shooter speaks out


ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – The mother of an accused shooter is speaking out and is defending her daughter.

Over a week ago in Anderson County, police arrested 18 year old Jordan Witt.

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She is accused of shooting 19 year old, Kyle York.

Witt was in court Monday morning and pleaded not guilty and requested to be in her mother’s custody.

The judge said no to that and left her bail at $250,000.

Jordan Witt’s mother, Dionne Witt, explains what her daughter did was an accident and says this is not something Jordan would do intentionally.

“I don’t think Jordan should be charged with murder or wanton murder,” said Dionne Witt.

A Go Fund Me page was created to help Witt and her family with legal expenses.

The page had several negative comments posted and within a day the page was taken down.

Dionne says the page wasn’t taken down by the family and believes the Go Fund Me organization did it.

Once the page was taken down, Dionne made a post on Facebook explaining she is still looking for donations.

“I just need to make sure she gets a fair trial,” said Dionne Witt.

The victim’s sister has also been speaking out and says she wants to see Jordan pay for her actions.

“The only justice we have for Kyle is that she reaps the consequences of her choices,” said Shawna York.

Jordan Witt is scheduled to be back in court on May 2nd.