Several horses die in Lexington barn fire


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) —  Lexington Fire crews were working all day Monday to fully extinguish a horse barn fire that started Sunday afternoon.

We reported it was Justice Farm’s barn that caught fire off Man O’ War Boulevard but Meadow Oaks confirms to us that it was theirs and sadly, it’s eight horses have died.

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Fire officials say the fire started around three Sunday afternoon.

They say the barn burned all throughout the night and into Monday.

This is because of the hay that’s trapped under the collapsed roof, according to firefighters.

They say they’re waiting for heavy equipment to come so investigators can get inside and figure out what happened.

“Once the heavy equipment is able to remove the collapsed roof that’ll allow our crews to go in with smaller equipment such as a bobcat or a back hoe and spread out that hay and then we can extinguish the hay at that point,” says Major Jordan Saas.

But, he says there’s been a delay in getting the heavy equipment to the farm and that’ll take a few days.

For the time being, he says crews will put foam on the burning hay that they can get to, to help with the smoldering.

We reached out to Meadow Oaks Farm and they told us all eight horses died in the barn fire.

The farm says it’s devastating and they still don’t know what caused the barn to go up in flames.

Major Saas says the issue with the roof has delayed the investigation – and the effort to figure out the cause, and where the fire started.

“The hay that was underneath the collapsed roof continued to burn throughout the night and the roof was unstable so we could not get our crews inside the barn to do the investigation,” says Saas.

The fire department says several factors played a role in making it difficult to put this fire out; the roof falling, the hay burning, they had to stretch water lines through the woods to get enough and Sunday’s winds were relentless.

Saas says crews are going to stay out there until the fire investigators have completed their investigation.