KY drivers encouraged to slow down as construction season begins

construction barrels

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – With roadway construction season kicking off in April across Kentucky, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is encouraging motorists to slow down and drive without distractions in active work zones.

April 8-12 is National Work Zone Awareness Week.

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According to the cabinet, the number of work zone crashes in Kentucky rose 3% from 1,007 in 2017 to 1,042 in 2018.

Federal Highway Administration statistics show an average of seven motorists and one worker are killed around the nation in work zones, which the cabinet says is in line with Kentucky’s work zone fatality numbers.

Distracted driving is most significant cause of work zone crashes. The cabinet says last year, 53% of work zone crashes listed distracted driving as a factor. Distracted driving behaviors may include texting or operating a phone while driving, eating, or applying makeup.

To help prevent future work zone crashes, the Transportation Cabinet asks drivers to practice three work zone safety tips:
1. Pay Attention Dont text, eat or perform any other activity while driving.
2. Respect Flaggers Obey their guidance and watch their direction carefully.
3. Slow Down Maintain a safe following distance; rear-end collisions are the most common work zone crash.