State seeing rise in E.coli cases in children


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Health officials are reporting a rise in the number of E.coli cases involving children and teenagers in the state, and they are linking it to fast food.

According to the Mercer County Health Department, the Kentucky Department of Public Health has issued an alert after a spike in E.coli 0103 cases were reported between March 5-25.

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The health department says the children and teenagers diagnosed with E.coli 0103 had an “extensive exposure to fast food.”

Health officials report most of the cases were in central Kentucky.

They say there were cases in adults reported during that time.

The main symptoms of E.coli 0103 are severe abdominal cramping and acute diarrhea.

Anyone who believes they have E.coli is advised to seek medical attention.