Lexington Police now allows personnel with visible tattoos


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Employees of the Lexington Police Department are now permitted to have approved tattoos visible while in a work uniform.

Chief Lawrence Weathers announced changes in the personal appearance policies for both sworn officers and civilian personnel, which took effect last week, according to the department

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The department’s previous policies did not allow recruits or employees to have any tattoos that were visible while in a short-sleeved uniform. Now, tattoos and body alterations on arms and legs are permitted after they have been approved by the Chief of Police or the Chief’s designee.

Lexington Police say Chief Weathers reviewed the policies of other law enforcement agencies and discussed the issue with several officers and community members before finalizing the change.

According to the new policies, a tattoo or body alteration that may be perceived to be or is vulgar, indecent, sexist, racist, anti-social, gang-related, extremist group-related, or may bring discredit upon the department is prohibited. Sleeve tattoos and tattoos that appear on the hands, neck, or above the neck are also prohibited.

The personal appearance policies are available to read online via the City’s website: www.lexingtonky.gov/police-department-policies.